Advantage to join
  1. According to Reader Digest October 2012 issue, the editors of gave $5 or $20 randomly to 46 strangers. Half the group was told to spend the money on themselves, while the other half was told to spend it on others. Those who'd shared the wealth felt much happier at the end of the day than those who'd spent it on themselves. Giving or helping other people is definitely a fast and sure way toward our own happiness.
  2. By delaying retirement for other people, we will experience the true joy of living once for other people instead for himself /herself or the immediate family. When we work hard only for ourselves and our immediate family, our lives lack the meaning and fulfillment. There is not much meaning to just try to be happy during our short life span, and producing and feeding our off-springs resulting in the population explosion. When we work hard to prepare for Delayed Retirement for Other People, our selflessness and real contribution to the society will make our life more meaningful and satisfactory.
  3. The knowledge of paying back the society and complete contribution will improve our sense of self- worthiness because we realize that we are the lucky one that can contribute more to the society. True joy comes from true giving without considering rewards. When we die we can say that we have done our best, not only to our family but also to the society.
  4. The act that giving away all the salary and benefit to other needed people is a step closer to act "love thy neighbor as yourself". This act will result the members to have loving hearts toward the society. The act will not make the member a good person but definitely a better person than before. Many people who do not follow this Movement can have much more contributions to the mankind. This Movement only provide you with one way which will transform your thinking greatly.
  5. This act will maximize your contribution to the society with your regular high pay instead of doing voluntary menial works after retirement which had minimal financial impact and many times deprive poor people their opportunity of employment. When our members actually retire they can still do voluntary work they select.
  6. This act will require very strong self-confidence or religious faith for the members facing the long and demanding retirement period ahead of them. The very high medical cost at later stage of life and the life expectancy will not be certain. For people who only believe in money, without any religious faith their amount required for the retirement will never be sufficient therefore will never able to joint this Movement. Jeopardizing the retirement life of people and their family are not the purpose of this Movement.
  7. When people work just trying to be helpful to people they do not even know, they will definitely taking care of their immediate family and relatives. This will set good example for their adult children and get their true respect. Example by action is far better than empty words that no one listen.
  8. If this Movement become somewhat popularized, it will become a refreshing stream and it will be our sincere effort against the deterioration of people's morals and our young generations will able to live in a more harmonized world. 

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